April 28, 2019

Today something new what you have never seen on my blog. My husband’s point of view hehe Last article was about things which surprised me in Morocco and trust me, when I published it I reminded myself much more situations hehe Maybe I will update article in my free time or just add part 2 one day 😉 Anyway, today my husband – Moroccan guy- will tell you what surprised him in Poland 😉 I am scared to hear that hehe It is his first country in Europe, which he visited and hehe so different from Morocco in every level. Lets get this party started:)

Long winters – well, winter in Morocco is a season of the year where temperature is around 15-20 degrees C hehe

In the winter in Poland everything gets gray, trees are without leaves and in the spring time all is green again;

Strangers don’t greet themselves on the streets, don’t talk – For example in Morocco you can meet someone on the street and talk long hours hehe In Poland somebody will think you are crazy or you want something (maybe steal some goods hehe). Well what can I say, it is mostly truth ? Even neighbors avoid each other hehe;

Small houses and completely different architecture – I mentioned in previous article that houses in Morocco have (for example) four floors and one has more then 120 m2;

Churches everywhere – that’s right, a lot of Churches where we still celebrate Holidays and can go on everyday holy masses;

Celebrating Holidays (Christmas and Easter) – you can feel festive atmosphere, a lot of preparations and faith;

Food – What really surprised my husband was that everyday we eat potatoes with meat and sauce, and usually we serve sour cabbage or sour cucumber on the side or we eat sour cucumber during party while drinking shots) hehe Except that – pierogi and bigos everywhere ;);

Coffee shops and restaurants where they serve alcohol – It is normal for us, however in Morocco in cafes and restaurants you will find only food. Alcohol is prohibited;

Sweets (candies), which you can buy per kilogram – In Morocco you will buy only in packages;

A lot of green places, parks, playgrounds, roads for bikes – that was positive surprise;

“Działki” – green piece of land with small hut and fruit trees, vegetables and place for grill – almost everyone has place like this. Few of them are placed in one area and it’s a lot of areas like this in the city. Very popular among young generation – it is a place, where people can meet friends, talk, eat and drink or have a party, or people who have retirement and go there to relax themselves;

Rich history – Polish history is very rich and bloody. In both World Wars died a lot of polish people. They were suffering and fighting brave for their country;

Good healthcare – Healthcare is for free, even for unemployed. My husband had opportunity to see me pregnant and how much care and tests I had during pregnancy. Hospitals work well, have equipment, there are good doctors and medical staff. Sometimes there are long lines to some specialist, however healthcare is on really good level. I can confirm this fact. I lived in Africa and UK and trust me, in Poland is really good healthcare (we just don’t appreciate it).

Considering what my husband noticed, some things really surprised me as well. When you live in certain place where you grew up, you do not see that some things can be bizarre or strange for someone from outside. For example that polish people have stone face on the streets and like to complain little bit to much hehe What can I say? All places, countries have pluses and minuses. There is no perfect spot, believe me hehe However, thanks to my travel experience and that I lived in few countries, I can really appreciate our Poland. There is nothing better than home, sweet home hehe Even if sometimes we need to run to survive 😉

My husband doesn’t understand why we as a country are underrated in Europe (by other countries) and he claims that Poland needs more respect that it gets (nice to hear that from someone from outside hehe). By the way, he learns polish and he is getting better and better, despite our language it is really not so easy hehe See you in a bit and as my grandfather said “oby nam sie” 😉

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