December 23, 2020

Here you have recipe on delicious Christmas Cheesecake 😉
I’m sorry I didn’t write for a long time, however raising two year old is very challenging hehe Today check this wonderful, tasty cheesecake, which is so soft that even people without teeth will work this out;)
There is not a lot of time before First Star will show up on the sky, so I won’t yap so much, just let’s get this party started hehe


  1. 1 kg of white cheese (double mixed, it needs to be soft);
  2. 10 eggs;
  3. 3 tablespoons of flour;
  4. 250 g of powdered sugar;
  5. 200 g of butter;
  6. Raisins (and whatever more you want);
  7. Dark chocolate (to poor on the top of cake).
    All ingredients should be in room temperature. I used mixer for all necessary work.

Blend the butter until soft. Separate egg yolks from proteins. Mix egg yolks with sugar. Add one spoon of egg yolks to the butter and mix – repeat until all egg yolks are mixed with butter.
Add 3 spoons of flour, 1 kg of cheese and raisins. Mix all together very well. Whip the proteins until they are stiff. Put into your cake spoon by spoon and mix very gently.
Now it is time to put your cake in baking mold. Oven should be preheated on 180°C. Cheesecake should bake around one hour and five minutes. When it is done, leave it in the oven to cool down. Pour melted chocolate on the cake.

Marry Christmas Everyone, I wish you a lot of health, love and faith:)
Smacznego 🙂 Bon appetit 😉

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