April 19, 2020

Hi, today I have very simple recipe for you. I am not big fan of rice, however I can eat it at time to time hehe During quarantine you have a lot of time and ideas and this is one of them. I modified it little bit, so it is as simplest as it can be.

Ok, no yapping, let’s get this party started 😉

How much time do you need to prepare it: 30 minutes.


1. Chicken breast – as much as you want hehe (I took one);

2. Carrots – 2;

3. Onion – 1;

4. Ananas/pineapple – one can 550g or 1/3 of fresh one;

5. Tomato paste – one small jag 200g;

6. Salt and pepper;

7. Rice – depends on you, I took 3 bags 100 g each on 4 people.

Cut chicken breast and onion in small pieces. Put some salt and pepper. Fry on oil/olive oil. Cut carrot into bars and also put into the pot with chicken and onion. Fry for a 10 minutes and stir at time to time. Add tomato paste, glass of water and ananas/pineapple (with juice if it is from the can). Cook for a 10 minutes. In the mean time cook rice (it usually take 20 minutes). 

Ok, now serve and eat with the pleasure hehehe 

Smacznego 😉 

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